Dragon Ball Z’s Delayed Action: 10 Instances of Prolonged Anticipation

Here’s a list of 10 instances where Dragon Ball Z is known for prolonging the anticipation before getting to the action:

  1. The Frieza Saga: Frieza’s long transformation
    • Frieza’s lengthy transformation from his first form to his final form took several episodes, testing fans’ patience before the real action began.
  2. Goku’s Arrival on Namek
    • It took a considerable amount of time for Goku to finally reach Namek, with multiple episodes focusing on his journey through space.
  3. Gohan’s Training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    • Gohan’s training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, leading up to the battle against Cell, felt prolonged as the story focused on his growth and power development.
  4. Buu’s Awakening and Absorption
    • The awakening of Majin Buu and his subsequent absorption of several characters dragged on, causing fans to eagerly await the moment when the real battles would commence.
  5. Fusion Dance Preparation
    • The fusion dance technique introduced during the Buu Saga required meticulous training and precise coordination, resulting in a significant amount of time spent on preparations before the fusion could take place.
  6. Goku vs. Cell: The Delayed Battle
    • The suspense built up as Goku intentionally postponed his match against Cell, wanting Gohan to take on the android instead. This waiting game prolonged the ultimate showdown.
  7. The Tournament of Power: Fighter Introductions
    • The Tournament of Power arc featured a large number of fighters, each with their own introduction. The extended time spent on showcasing and introducing the participants delayed the actual battles.
  8. Frieza’s Revival in Resurrection ‘F’
    • Frieza’s revival in the Resurrection ‘F’ arc involved gathering the Dragon Balls and the subsequent lengthy process of rebuilding his body, causing fans to eagerly anticipate his return to the action.
  9. Vegeta’s Training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber
    • Vegeta’s intensive training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber during the Cell Saga, with episodes dedicated to his relentless pursuit of surpassing Goku, prolonged the anticipation of his ultimate power-up.
  10. Tournament Preparation in the Universe 6 Saga
    • The Universe 6 Saga focused on the preparation for the tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7, dedicating episodes to assembling the team and strategizing, elongating the wait for the actual battles to begin.

These instances demonstrate how Dragon Ball Z occasionally built up anticipation by prolonging the time it took to get to the action, keeping fans eagerly awaiting the explosive moments that eventually unfolded.

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