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Dragon Ball Z’s filler deserves credit

Dragon Ball Z, renowned for its explosive battles and beloved characters, has also earned a notorious reputation for its filler episodes, which are often criticized for detracting from the main story. However, amidst the sea of lackluster filler content, there are moments of brilliance that deserve recognition for the unique layers they brought to the […]

Dragon Ball Z’s Delayed Action: 10 Instances of Prolonged Anticipation

Here’s a list of 10 instances where Dragon Ball Z is known for prolonging the anticipation before getting to the action: These instances demonstrate how Dragon Ball Z occasionally built up anticipation by prolonging the time it took to get to the action, keeping fans eagerly awaiting the explosive moments that eventually unfolded. We bring […]

Dragon Ball Super isn’t canon with DBZ, disregarding GT

The debate surrounding the canon status of Dragon Ball Super in relation to Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT has been a contentious topic among fans since the release of Super. However, a crucial revelation in the End of Z has shed new light on the matter, suggesting that Dragon Ball Super isn’t even […]

Dragon Ball Super’s current arc emphasizes the importance of slice-of-life stories

Dragon Ball Super’s current arc, which retells the events of the Super Hero movie released in 2022, offers a refreshing perspective on the franchise. It demonstrates that the series doesn’t always have to escalate the stakes to maintain its appeal, as low-scale stories can serve its world just as effectively. The arc kicks off with […]