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My Hero Academia Chapter 390 takes an unexpected break. Full details inside

“The latest chapter of My Hero Academia, Chapter 390, faces an unexpected delay, leaving fans curious for more details. The manga series has taken a break due to production issues, causing some concerns among readers. However, the Shonen Jump editorial team has assured fans that the next chapter will be released on June 5, 2023, […]

Mirio’s Quirk Restoration in My Hero Academia: What’s the Secret?

Mirio Togata, also known as Lemillion, is an exceptional character in My Hero Academia, renowned for his skills and strength. As a member of U.A. High School’s esteemed “Big 3,” Mirio stands out with his remarkable fighting abilities and unique quirk, “Permeation,” which allows him to pass through solid objects and renders him nearly invulnerable. […]

Top 10 Powerful Women with Quirks

Here is a list of the 10 Strongest Female Quirk Users: These 10 female characters showcase their incredible Quirks and demonstrate their strength, intelligence, and combat abilities in the world of My Hero Academia. We bring out some of the most well-known My hero academia  collection, all of which are available at reasonable costs. Visit our […]

Bakugo and Hawks’ cosplay in My Hero Academia is a perfect team

In the world of My Hero Academia, where heroes and their unique quirks dominate the stage, Bakugo and Hawks stand out as fan-favorite characters. While they don’t often have the opportunity to team up in the series, a recent cosplay photo showcases just how perfectly these two heroes could work together as a crime-fighting duo. […]

Iida’s support for Shoto in the Todoroki conflict in My Hero Academia is logical and fitting

In the midst of the Final War in Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia, the series has reached a pivotal point. Dabi, a key antagonist in the story, finds himself confronting his former family members, including Endeavor, Rei, Fuyumi, and Natsuo, at the location known as Gunga. As this intense conflict unfolds, Shoto Todoroki, the youngest […]

My Hero Academia Ultra Rumble: Trailer, gameplay, heroes, and more!

My Hero Academia, the immensely popular anime series, is set to expand its universe with the release of its own battle royale game, titled My Hero Academia: Ultra Rumble. Developed by Bandai Namco, this highly anticipated game aims to capture the hearts of fans worldwide by immersing them in the thrilling world of “quirks” and […]

My Hero Academia Chapter 389: Dabi’s destructive dream, Shoto rushes to Gunga

In the latest installment of My Hero Academia, chapter 389, released today, fans were treated to an action-packed yet concise chapter that delved into the current state of Dabi, also known as Toya Todoroki, both mentally and physically. This chapter provided updates on Dabi’s inner turmoil and the imminent threat of his explosive powers. Fans […]

My Hero Academia Chapter 389 is coming soon! Stay tuned for the release date and time

My Hero Academia fans, get ready for an in-depth look at the highly anticipated Chapter 389! Discover the latest updates, delve into the story details, and mark your calendars for the release date. The world of My Hero Academia is currently gripped by the intensity of its final arc, where pivotal battles will shape the […]

My Hero Academia season 7: Release date, cast, plot details

The thrilling superhero anime series, “My Hero Academia,” recently concluded its highly acclaimed sixth season, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in the epic story. Season 6 showcased incredible battles, intense character development, and unexpected twists, captivating viewers with its compelling narrative. Now, as we dive into the details, let’s explore what lies ahead […]

My Hero Academia Chapter 390: Anticipated Highlights

“Expectations for My Hero Academia Chapter 390: Shoto Todoroki’s Mission” In the recent My Hero Academia Chapter 389, the stage was set for the resolution of the Todoroki family’s storyline. Fans are now eagerly awaiting Chapter 390, which is likely to delve deeper into the fate of Toya Todoroki, the family dynamics, and the pivotal […]