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Why Didn’t All For One Take Overhaul’s Quirk in My Hero Academia?

Why Didn’t All For One Steal Overhaul’s Quirk in My Hero Academia? All For One, known as one of the most powerful Quirks in My Hero Academia, surprisingly never showed any interest in obtaining Overhaul’s formidable Quirk. With Overhaul possessing incredible versatility and power, it raises the question of why All For One never pursued […]

What sets All Might apart from Superman in My Hero Academia

While My Hero Academia draws inspiration from classic comic book heroes like Superman, there are key differences that set All Might apart from the iconic DC character. Despite their similarities, All Might cannot be considered the anime version of Superman due to one specific reason. My Hero Academia is a shonen superhero anime that pays […]

Quirkless Characters in My Hero Academia

Here is a list of Quirkless characters in My Hero Academia: These characters highlight the diverse perspectives and challenges faced by Quirkless individuals in the My Hero Academia universe. Despite their lack of Quirks, they demonstrate resilience, resourcefulness, and the potential for heroism in their own unique ways. We bring out some of the most […]

Shoto from My Hero Academia discovers a groundbreaking application for his powers

Shoto and Iida make a grand entrance at the scene of Dabi’s imminent self-destruction in My Hero Academia, showcasing their style and flair. The fate of the Todoroki family hangs in the balance, and Shoto is determined to rescue them. However, it’s not just their arrival that has captured the attention of fans, but also […]

Froppy from My Hero Academia brings cuteness to life with adorable cosplay

Renowned cosplayer and skilled costume maker, Nymphahri, has captivated fans with their exceptional portrayal of Tsuyu Asui, better known as the Rainy Season Hero: Froppy, from the popular anime and manga series My Hero Academia. Taking to Reddit to share their incredible creation, Nymphahri’s Froppy cosplay is a near-perfect rendition of the young hero’s iconic […]

Top 10 Darkest Episodes of My Hero Academia

Here’s a the top 10 darkest episodes of My Hero Academia: These episodes explore the darker aspects of the My Hero Academia universe, delving into intense battles, traumatic pasts, ethical dilemmas, and the consequences of heroism. They contribute to the depth and complexity of the series, showcasing the challenges faced by the characters and the […]

My Hero Academia Chapter 389 is coming soon! Stay tuned for the release date and time

My Hero Academia fans, get ready for an in-depth look at the highly anticipated Chapter 389! Discover the latest updates, delve into the story details, and mark your calendars for the release date. The world of My Hero Academia is currently gripped by the intensity of its final arc, where pivotal battles will shape the […]

My Hero Academia Battle Royale Open Beta Announced

My Hero Ultra Rumble, an exciting battle royale game inspired by the immensely popular manga and anime series, My Hero Academia, is gearing up for an open beta that will commence later this month. The highly anticipated open beta will kick off on May 25 at 7 p.m. PT and run until June 1 at […]

Ranking All For One’s Forms in My Hero Academia

here’s a list ranking every form of All For One in My Hero Academia: Overall, All For One is a dangerous and formidable villain in any form, but his original form is by far the most powerful and difficult to defeat. We bring out some of the most well-known My hero academia  collection, all of which […]

MHA Ch. 387: Dabi’s New Power

Chapter 387 of My Hero Academia marks a significant turning point in the series, particularly for the Todoroki family. The long-standing tension and conflict between Endeavor and his son Toya (Dabi) finally come to a head as Endeavor attempts to stop his son from causing massive destruction to the city. We see Endeavor’s desperation and […]