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Dragon Ball Super’s manga canonized Broly earlier than fans recall

Fans are celebrating Broly’s canon debut in the Dragon Ball Super manga’s Super Hero arc, but in reality, he appeared five years earlier. Broly, despite debuting in 1993 and quickly becoming a popular villain, never appeared in the original manga created by Akira Toriyama. However, Broly’s journey from the big screen to the manga page […]

Goku’s Age Throughout Each Dragon Ball Arc, Explained

Goku’s Age in Each Dragon Ball Arc, Explained Goku, the beloved Super Saiyan and protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, has experienced significant growth throughout the various tournaments and adventures in the franchise. Originally believed to be a fourteen-year-old shonen hero, Goku’s age has undergone retcons and changes since the series’ inception in 1984. As […]

Dragon Ball retcons Trunks and Goten’s role in a Super Hero plot point

The Dragon Ball Super manga suggests that Trunks and Goten will have a more significant role in the Super Hero film compared to their original portrayal. In a recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Trunks notices Piccolo flying off and calls Goten to meet him, indicating that they want to be involved in the upcoming […]

The top 5 Dragon Ball games featuring the largest roster of playable characters

Here’s a list of 5 Dragon Ball games known for having the most playable characters: These Dragon Ball games stand out for their vast array of playable characters, giving fans the opportunity to control their favorite heroes and villains in exciting battles and immersive storylines. We bring out some of the most well-known Dragon Ball collection, all […]

Dragon Ball Z’s Mr. Satan Is Stronger Than He Gets Credit For

Hercule Satan, known as Mr. Satan, may have initially been presented as a comedic character in Dragon Ball Z, but beneath the surface of his flamboyant persona, he possessed genuine martial arts talent and demonstrated his resilience in the face of formidable challenges. Introduced relatively late in the series, Hercule was often portrayed as a […]

Why did Ox King lose his wealth in Dragon Ball?

Why did Goku’s father-in-law, the Ox-King, lose his wealth in Dragon Ball Super, leading Goku to take up a job as a radish farmer? The Ox-King was known for his immense size and fortune, which raised questions about why Goku needed to work to support his family. The truth is that the Ox-King’s financial situation […]

Dragon Ball Super treated an iconic moment like an afterthought

Throughout the long history of Dragon Ball franchise, the rivalry between Goku and Vegeta has been one of the most iconic and beloved themes. Vegeta has always been the perfect rival to Goku, even when he was a villain, their fights were all about proving their own strength rather than good vs. evil. Vegeta’s desire […]

Goku’s Super Saiyan 4 form had Ultra Instinct before Super

In the world of Dragon Ball, Goku is one of the most beloved and iconic characters in anime history. From his first appearance as a young, naive boy with incredible strength, to his current status as a warrior who has saved the universe multiple times, Goku has always been at the forefront of the franchise’s […]

Goku meets his younger self in a forgotten Dragon Ball Z special

The 1992 OVA titled Goku’s World presents a unique and forgotten Dragon Ball Z special where the Z Fighters embark on a time-traveling adventure through various battles from the Dragon Ball series. Released exclusively on VHS, this animated special is now difficult to find, and its chances of being re-released are slim. In Goku’s World, […]