Dragon Ball retcons Trunks and Goten’s role in a Super Hero plot point

The Dragon Ball Super manga suggests that Trunks and Goten will have a more significant role in the Super Hero film compared to their original portrayal.

In a recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super, Trunks notices Piccolo flying off and calls Goten to meet him, indicating that they want to be involved in the upcoming events. The manga sets the stage for the young Saiyans to play a bigger part in combating the Red Ribbon than they did in the movie.

While the manga is currently adapting moments from the Super Hero film, the implication is that Trunks and Goten will somehow join the mission, especially with Piccolo heading to kidnap Pan. This retcon has the potential to deviate significantly from the original source material.

Previously, the manga introduced minor changes, such as including Krillin in a scene he wasn’t originally part of. Given this precedent and the manga’s willingness to alter the story, it’s possible that the fabricated footage of Pan captured by Piccolo could deceive Goten and Trunks into joining the fight against the Red Ribbon.

Fans have expressed desire for the manga adaptation to offer more substantial additions to the movie’s story, and the inclusion of Goten and Trunks may address this concern. The latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super can be found through Viz Media.

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