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Why Boros Stands Out as a Superior Villain to Garou in One Punch Man

“Why Boros Trumps Garou as the Ultimate Villain in One Punch Man” The battle between the villains in One Punch Man has sparked intense debates among fans, but when it comes to the question of who reigns supreme, Boros emerges as the undeniable victor. Despite Garou’s recent power upgrade and cosmic transformation, he still falls […]

Unexpected delay for One Punch Man chapter 185

Fans of One Punch Man were eagerly anticipating the release of chapter 185, only to be met with an unfortunate announcement from mangaka Yusuke Murata. In a tweet, Murata revealed that the release of One Punch Man chapter 185, originally scheduled for May 18, has been delayed. Fans will now have to wait until Thursday, […]

One Punch Man webcomic’s return after a 2-year hiatus sparks reactions on Reddit

Great news for fans of the webcomic One-Punch Man! If you thought the series had come to an end, think again. The highly anticipated return of the original One-Punch Man webcomic by creator One is finally here, marking the first chapter since 2021. It’s safe to say that readers who believed the webcomic had concluded […]