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Why Boros Stands Out as a Superior Villain to Garou in One Punch Man

“Why Boros Trumps Garou as the Ultimate Villain in One Punch Man” The battle between the villains in One Punch Man has sparked intense debates among fans, but when it comes to the question of who reigns supreme, Boros emerges as the undeniable victor. Despite Garou’s recent power upgrade and cosmic transformation, he still falls […]

Tsukuyomi and their connection to Terrible Tornado in One-Punch Man

In the latest installment of One-Punch Man, Chapter 174, readers are introduced to Tsukuyomi, a newly revealed evil organization that shares a mysterious history with the formidable Terrible Tornado. After the thrilling conclusion of the epic Monster Association saga, the manga takes a breather with a few epilogue chapters before diving into its next arc, […]

The manga “Helck” combines the best elements of Dragon Ball and One-Punch Man

Viz has delighted fans with the release of Helck Vol. 1, an exciting shonen manga that skillfully combines the best elements of Dragon Ball and One-Punch Man, all while infusing it with a delightful sense of humor. The story revolves around a conflict between humans and demons, featuring powerful demon lords and a thrilling tournament […]