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Assassination Classroom Makes Its Debut on Toonami Next Week

“Assassination Classroom Toonami Debut Set for Next Week: Get Ready for Action and Humor!” Great news for anime fans! The highly anticipated Assassination Classroom is set to make its debut on Toonami, delivering a thrilling and comedic ride for viewers. Cartoon Network has just unveiled that the beloved series will join the Toonami lineup, starting […]

Creator of Assassination Classroom to Release New Shonen Jump Manga

“Assassination Classroom Creator Yusei Matsui Set to Launch Highly Anticipated New Manga in Shonen Jump” Shonen Jump, a powerhouse publication in the manga industry with a global following, continues to captivate fans with its exciting lineup of manga series. As fans eagerly await the release of new titles, there is great anticipation surrounding the upcoming […]

5 Anime Teachers Who Surpass Kakashi from Naruto (and 5 Who Fall Short)

Kakashi Hatake, the revered sensei from Naruto, is known for his exceptional teaching abilities. However, there are several anime teachers who possess extraordinary qualities that even surpass Kakashi’s renowned mentorship. In this list, we will explore five anime teachers who go above and beyond, along with five others who fall short in comparison. a) Koro […]

Top 10 Anime Recommendations for Classroom of the Elite Fans

If you enjoyed Classroom of the Elite and are looking for similar anime series to dive into, here is a list of 10 recommendations that capture the same intrigue, psychological themes, and high-stakes school settings: These anime series provide compelling narratives, psychological depth, and captivating school settings that resonate with fans of Classroom of the […]

Top 10 Anime Series We’re Happy Have Ended

Here’s a list of 10 anime series that fans are glad have concluded: While these series may have had their strengths and weaknesses, fans were ultimately glad to see their conclusions, providing a sense of closure and allowing them to move on to new anime experiences. We bring out some of the most well-known Assassination Classroom […]

The CDF (unspecified organization) is calling for the removal of the violent and sexually explicit graphic novel “Assassination Classroom” from classrooms

Citizens Defending Freedom (CDF), a nonprofit organization, is actively campaigning for the removal of the controversial graphic novel series “Assassination Classroom” from classrooms in Florida. The book, created by popular graphic novelist Yusei Matsui, has stirred up a significant amount of controversy due to its explicit depiction of violence, profanity, and graphic sexual activities. In […]

Assassination Classroom banned in schools in Florida and Wisconsin

Assassination Classroom, the popular sci-fi comedy manga by Yusei Matsui, has recently faced bans in schools located in Florida and Wisconsin. The decision to ban the manga comes from concerns raised by parents and advocacy groups, who argue that it promotes the idea of students killing their teachers. In March, Gifford Middle School in Florida […]