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The latest One-Punch Man cliffhanger introduces a new hero crisis for Genos

In the latest chapters of One-Punch Man, a new arc begins with an intriguing cliffhanger involving Genos and a potential crisis within the Hero Association. Following the losses suffered during the battles against the Monster Association, the Hero Association has been focused on rebuilding and filling the gaps left by the fallen S-Class Heroes. During […]

Saitama in One-Punch Man will require significant plot armor to stay unnoticed

In the world of One-Punch Man, one of the longest-running and most effective gags revolves around Saitama’s ability to remain an anonymous hero. Despite his unmatched power and countless heroic feats, he is consistently overlooked and receives no recognition for his incredible achievements. Only a select few individuals are privy to the truth of Saitama’s […]

Fan animation depicts epic battle between Goku and One-Punch Man

The worlds of Dragon Ball and One-Punch Man collide in a fan-made animation that is taking the internet by storm. The spectacular brawl between Goku and Saitama is a sight to behold, with the two anime characters going head-to-head in an epic-scale collision that fans have been eagerly waiting for. The animation, which can be […]