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One Punch Man webcomic returns after 2-year hiatus, exciting fans

After a long two-year wait, fans of the highly popular webcomic series One Punch Man have reason to rejoice. The webcomic, which captured the hearts of readers with its unique storyline and quirky characters, is finally making its much-anticipated return. The exciting news was officially announced by Yusuke Murata, the talented illustrator behind the manga […]

Saitama can’t recall his time-traveling incident in One-Punch Man, but other characters remember it

In the world of One-Punch Man, the recent time-traveling feat performed by the protagonist Saitama has left many of the characters in a state of confusion and forgetfulness. The popular manga series, known for its unique take on the superhero genre and its offbeat, over-the-top storytelling, took fans by surprise with the latest developments in […]