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Distinguishing Resurrection and Reincarnation in Dragon Ball

Resurrection and reincarnation in Dragon Ball are distinct methods of coming back to life, with resurrection having more limitations compared to reincarnation. In the Dragon Ball series, characters who perish in battles often rely on the Dragon Balls to bring them back to life. The Z Fighters and their allies gather the mystical orbs and […]

Dragon Ball Super Must Address Super Saiyan 4’s Big Issue

Dragon Ball Super may merge with GT in the future, and if it does, it should fix a major issue with the Super Saiyan 4 transformation. Although Super has not yet included Super Saiyan 4 in its canon, it’s possible that Super will eventually merge with GT. If this happens, there’s an opportunity for Akira […]

Dragon Ball Super: Strongest Human Character

Dragon Ball Super’s human fighters are the subject of debate among fans when it comes to power scaling. While characters getting stronger and the universe getting broader is part of the series’ built-in structure, the consistency of power levels is a contentious issue. One of the most significant debates is about who the strongest human […]

Goku’s Dragon Ball origin inspires modern isekai

Dragon Ball’s Goku stands as a towering figure in the realm of anime and manga, wielding significant influence that extends far beyond his own franchise. Surprisingly, Goku’s origin story in Dragon Ball serves as a foundational blueprint for the modern isekai genre, despite its seemingly dissimilar nature. In recent years, isekai has emerged as a […]

Who is the strongest Saiyan in Dragon Ball?

In the vast and captivating universe of Dragon Ball, masterfully crafted by the visionary Akira Toriyama, the narrative revolves around the indomitable Saiyan warriors and their extraordinary adventures filled with over-the-top fights. However, amidst this exhilarating saga, a burning question persists: Who stands as the unrivaled champion among the surviving Saiyans? Dragon Ball has earned […]

Ranking all of Krillin’s deaths in Dragon Ball

Here’s a list of all of Krillin’s deaths in Dragon Ball, ranked: Overall, Krillin’s deaths in Dragon Ball serve to show the danger and stakes of the series, as well as the character’s bravery and willingness to sacrifice himself for his friends. While some deaths are more significant than others, they all contribute to the […]