Black Clover movie reveals Wizard Kings’ magic powers before premiere

The Black Clover movie character promos have generated immense excitement among fans as the release date draws nearer. Fans are eager to gather information about the film’s events, characters, plotline, and its canonicity. While many of these questions remain unanswered, a recent leak has surfaced, providing some crucial details about the movie’s antagonists. The leak appears to have originated from a Shueisha magazine, possibly Weekly Shonen Jump or its companion publication Saikyo Jump.

Although the leak was shared by a Twitter user named @PikkuProgram, rather than the usual series source @nite_baron, it seems to be authentic. @PikkuProgram, who is a fan of the series, interacted with one of the tweets without questioning its veracity, suggesting that the Black Clover movie leaks are legitimate.

According to @PikkuProgram’s translations of the leak, which were accompanied by spoiler warnings, the full magazine page with movie details was also posted. The leak reveals information about the powers of the supporting villains in the movie. Various shots from the movie are shown, accompanied by descriptive text. Additionally, Asta is depicted alongside the antagonists.

The first former Wizard King mentioned in the leak is Edward, who is positioned in the top left corner of the page. According to @PikkuProgram’s description, Edward is a Wizard King who possesses the ability to lower the temperature of space to absolute zero. This scientific term refers to the point at which particle motion reaches its minimum. Edward’s power should enable him to manipulate time or immobilize those within his vicinity.

The next former Wizard King mentioned is Funnybunny, whose magic allows her to create magical soldiers resembling chess pieces. @PikkuProgram notes that Funnybunny is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat and physical battles. It appears that the rank-and-file Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom will face her magical creations in the Black Clover movie.

The third and final former Wizard King mentioned in the leak is Jester. According to @PikkuProgram’s translation, Jester presents himself as a clown but possesses highly calculated strategic abilities. He can create barriers and manipulate toys with his magic. The exact nature of these “toys” is unclear, but they likely include weapons and trap-like tools, considering Funnybunny’s ability to create magical soldiers.

These three Wizard Kings alone pose a significant challenge for Noelle, Asta, Yuno, and their companions. The main antagonist, Konrad Leto, whose powers have yet to be revealed, is likely the most formidable and overpowering of them all. Fans are eagerly anticipating how the Clover Kingdom’s best will overcome this formidable challenge in the Black Clover movie.

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