Ranking Noelle’s armors in Black Clover from strongest to weakest

Here is a list ranking Noelle’s armors in Black Clover from strongest to weakest:

  1. Valkyrie Armor: Noelle’s most powerful armor, Valkyrie Armor provides her with incredible strength, speed, and defensive capabilities. It enhances her water magic, allowing her to unleash devastating attacks and protects her with a durable exoskeleton.
  2. Mermaid Form: This armor grants Noelle the ability to transform into a mermaid, enhancing her mobility and water manipulation abilities. It allows her to navigate underwater environments with ease and launch powerful water-based attacks.
  3. Saint Valkyrie Dress: A versatile armor that combines offensive and defensive capabilities, the Saint Valkyrie Dress enhances Noelle’s water magic and provides her with enhanced agility and speed. It features elegant wings that grant her the ability to fly.
  4. Sea Dragon’s Cradle: This armor takes the form of a water dragon, augmenting Noelle’s strength and granting her water-based attacks. It offers solid defense and allows her to launch powerful offensive moves with the assistance of the dragon’s abilities.
  5. Armor Dress: A basic armor form, the Armor Dress provides Noelle with enhanced durability and defensive capabilities. While not as powerful as her other armors, it still offers significant protection in battle.
  6. Swimsuit Form: While not designed for combat, the Swimsuit Form allows Noelle to enjoy swimming and underwater exploration. It provides limited combat abilities but is mainly used for recreational purposes.

It’s important to note that this ranking is subjective and based on the abilities and effectiveness of each armor as depicted in the Black Clover series. The strength and effectiveness of each armor may vary depending on the situation and Noelle’s mastery of her magic.

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