Black Clover Chapter 361: Release Date, Expectations, and More

Black Clover fans, get ready for the highly anticipated release of Chapter 361! Scheduled to hit the shelves on Monday, June 12, 2023, at 12 am JST, this chapter is sure to bring more intense action and thrilling developments. However, please note that the manga will be taking a break this week, so we’ll have to wait a little longer for the next installment.

For those eager to dive into the world of Black Clover, you can catch the series on Shueisha’s MANGA Plus app and Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app. These platforms provide an immersive reading experience for fans worldwide. While MANGA Plus allows readers to access all the chapters of the manga series, keep in mind that each chapter can only be viewed once. On the other hand, the Shonen Jump app offers readers the opportunity to enjoy the first and latest three chapters of any manga series as many times as they want.

Now let’s delve into the events of the previous chapter. In Chapter 360, titled “Unreadable World,” the focus shifted from Noelle and Acier’s battle to the intense showdown between Yuno and Lucius. Lucius, utilizing his soul magic spell, attempted to take control of Yuno’s soul. However, Yuno showcased his incredible power by blocking the attack with his Wind Spirit Creation Magic: Spirit of Notus.

This display of strength took Lucius by surprise, as his foresight had not predicted Yuno’s exponential growth. It became apparent to Lucius that the future he foresaw, influenced by Asta and the Magic Knights, was no longer visible. Just as Lucius was contemplating this revelation, Yuno launched a devastating attack, dealing a heavy blow to his opponent.

As we eagerly await Chapter 361, let’s explore what we can expect from the upcoming release. The aftermath of Yuno’s powerful strike on Lucius is likely to be revealed, with both characters reaching their limits in this fierce battle. Yuno’s left arm has already shown signs of cracking, indicating that he will need to conclude the fight soon. However, the true extent of Lucius’ strength and his role in the ongoing events are yet to be fully explored.

Additionally, Chapter 361 may also provide insight into the other intense battles taking place on Judgment Day. Fans can anticipate updates on Noelle’s clash with Acier, Mereoleona’s encounter with Morris, and Yami Sukehiro’s confrontation with Morgen. These encounters promise to deliver further excitement and showcase the incredible abilities of our beloved Black Clover characters.

Stay tuned as we eagerly count down the days until the release of Black Clover Chapter 361. Brace yourself for more thrilling twists, epic battles, and the relentless pursuit of magic and destiny in this captivating manga series.

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