Haikyuu’s V. League Special Match Faces COVID-19 Obstacle

The highly anticipated Haikyuu!! x V. League special match has encountered a significant hurdle as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 situation. According to an announcement on the official website of the event, dated August 8, 2022, some players and staff members of the VC Nagano Tridents, one of the participating teams, have tested positive for COVID-19. This unfortunate development has led to the absence of two players, Ikeda Kota and Ryoma Yanuki, from the special match scheduled for the second day of the event.

While the special match is still planned to proceed without any delays, the organizers are working on finding suitable substitutes for the affected players. The replacements for Ikeda and Yanuki will be announced through the official website and the official Twitter account of Haikyuu!! x V. League. The announcement on the website expressed sincere apologies to the fans who were eagerly looking forward to witnessing the participation of these two players in the event.

The Haikyuu!! x V. League special match was initially revealed as part of the manga’s 10th anniversary project. The event is scheduled to take place over two days, on August 13 and 14, 2022. The first day will feature a “Warm-up” event, where V. League players and a panel of Haikyuu!! cast members will come together to celebrate the series’ 10th anniversary. This segment will serve as an exciting opportunity for fans to delve into discussions about the beloved franchise.

On the second day of the event, players will be selected from each team in V. League Division 1 Men to participate in an exhibition match. The exhibition match is set to be held at the Ota Ward General Gymnasium in Tokyo, offering fans the chance to witness thrilling volleyball action firsthand. Ten prominent men’s teams are participating in the event, including JT Thunders Hiroshima, Suntory Sunbirds, Wolf Dogs Nagoya, Osaka Blazers Sakai, JTEKT Stings, Panasonic Panthers, Toray Arrows, FC Tokyo, VC Nagano Tridents, and Oita Miyoshi Weisse Adler.

Titled “Haikyuu x V. League All-Star Special Match ‘The Volleyball’,” this event represents an upgraded version of the previously held “Haikyuu!! x V. League Special Match” in 2020. To further enhance the fan experience, exclusive official goods and merchandise will be available for purchase during the event, providing attendees with the opportunity to commemorate this special occasion.

The special match will be accessible not only to those attending the live event but also through online distribution on the official website. This enables fans from around the world to enjoy the thrilling clashes between the talented players representing their respective teams.

The V. League Division 1, commonly known as V1, is the premier semi-professional volleyball league in Japan for both men and women. Established in 1994 and organized by the Japan Volleyball League Organization, the league has served as a platform for showcasing exceptional volleyball talent in the country. Over the years, it has gained significant popularity among fans and has played a pivotal role in fostering the growth of the sport.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 situation, the organizers remain committed to delivering an unforgettable experience to fans of Haikyuu!! and volleyball enthusiasts. With the anticipation building, fans eagerly await the exhibition matches and the celebration of Haikyuu!!’s 10th anniversary within the dynamic and competitive V. League arena.

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