Guide to Watching Haikyuu!! (Arcs, OVAs, and More)

Haikyuu!! is among the few sports anime that has successfully mastered the formula. Authored by Haruichi Furudate, it offers an exhilarating story filled with captivating volleyball matches and lovable characters. Production I.G’s animation adaptation of the manga is commendable, truly doing justice to the source material. However, before you embark on your journey to watch the Haikyuu!! anime, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the recommended watch order.

In case you’re new to the world of Haikyuu!!, let’s delve into what it’s all about. The anime centers around Shoyo Hinata, an aspiring volleyball player who strives for greatness despite his lack of height. Determined to achieve his dreams, he joins the Karasuno High Volleyball Team alongside his former rival, Tobio Kageyama. Together, they face formidable opponents on their path to becoming the best.

While the premise may seem straightforward, Haikyuu!! offers much more depth for those who choose to invest their time in it. Moreover, now is an opportune moment to dive in and catch up before the release of the final movies. If you’re ready to embark on this journey, here’s the recommended Haikyuu!! watch order:

  1. Haikyuu!! (Karasuno High Team Formation Arc, Interhigh Arc)
  2. The Arrival of Lev! OVA
  3. Haikyuu!! 2nd Season (Tokyo Expedition Arc, Spring High Preliminary Arc)
  4. Vs. Failing Grades OVA
  5. Haikyuu!! Karasuno High School vs. Shiratorizawa Academy (Spring High Preliminary Arc Continuation)
  6. Land vs. Sky OVA
  7. The Path of the Ball OVA
  8. Haikyuu!! To The Top Part 1 (Tokyo Nationals Arc)
  9. Haikyuu!! To The Top Part 2 (Tokyo Nationals Arc Continuation)

This watch order ensures an optimal viewing experience, immersing you in the main story while incorporating enjoyable side content. It’s worth noting that there are Haikyuu!! movies as well, but they are recaps of the anime and not included in the watch order. However, if you prefer a condensed version of Haikyuu!! with some additional scenes, you can still watch those movies.

Now, let’s address the Haikyuu!! OVAs. Although they may not be essential to the overarching story, they offer delightful content that fans can appreciate. These OVAs provide further insights into players from other teams and showcase comedic banter among the main cast.

For example, the “Land vs. Sky” and “The Path of the Ball” OVAs feature matches involving the Nekoma and Fukorodani teams, respectively. They offer more screen time and character development for players like Kenma, Kuroo, and Bokuto. Furthermore, they adapt chapters 190-206 of the manga, making them canon to the story.

On the other hand, the “Vs. Failing Grades” OVA presents a fun side story where Hinata and Kageyama struggle to pass their make-up exams. This particular OVA is widely regarded as hilarious and highly recommended for Haikyuu!! enthusiasts.

Ultimately, the decision to watch the Haikyuu!! OVAs is up to you, as the anime remains enjoyable even without them. However, they do enhance an already fantastic experience, making it worthwhile to give them a watch.

When it comes to accessing Haikyuu!! online, streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Prime Video offer the series. However, availability may vary depending on your region, so using a VPN

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