One Piece 1084: Unveiling the Nefertari Family’s Secret

Chapter 1084 of One Piece delves into the intriguing past of Alabasta’s ancient queen, Nefertari Lili. This chapter presents significant lore that potentially alters the understanding of the One Piece world. The story follows Sabo’s flashback at the Reverie, where shocking revelations unfold.

Introduction of Nefertari Lili: One Piece 1084 immerses readers in an incredibly lore-heavy chapter. Cobra secures a meeting with the Five Elders, as teased in the previous chapter. Cobra discusses the formation of the World Government, where the 20 Kings united and pledged to respect the Empty Throne, representing a world without a true leader. These 20 Kings and their descendants became known as the Celestial Dragons. However, one monarch, Nefertari Lili of the Nefertari Family, did not become a Celestial Dragon. She returned to Alabasta as queen, but her journey was cut short, and she mysteriously vanished. The Gorosei claim ignorance of her fate, suggesting it is lost to history.

The Attack on Charloss: Chapter 1084 not only explores Queen Lili’s lore but also showcases ongoing events at the Reverie. Sabo and Bonney collaborate to obtain the keys to the slaves’ collars. Sabo successfully retrieves them and hands them to Karasu, who delivers them to Kuma and the other slaves. Meanwhile, Charloss attempts to capture Shirahoshi using his slave, Kuma. However, Don Sai and Leo from the Straw Hat Grand Fleet intervene, launching a powerful attack on Charloss and rescuing Shirahoshi. The Revolutionary Army also seizes the opportunity to regain access to Kuma. Sabo and Bonney part ways, with Bonney heading towards Egghead.

Imu’s Appearance: One Piece 1084 surprises readers with the introduction of Imu, the Sovereign of the World. While Cobra discusses Queen Lili with the Five Elders, Imu overhears the conversation. Impatient with the Elders’ lack of answers, Cobra mentions a letter passed down through the Nefertari Family, written by Queen Lili. Moments later, Imu appears in the Throne Room, defying expectations by revealing their presence. Imu climbs the Empty Throne, asserting their status as the ruler of the world and showing knowledge of Queen Lili’s fate. Imu’s bold actions shock both Cobra and the Five Elders.

The chapter sets the stage for exploring the secrets of the Void Century, potentially uncovering the truth about Queen Lili’s demise. It will also delve into Cobra’s assassination and Sabo’s imprisonment. While One Piece is on break the following week, anticipation remains high for the next chapter, One Piece 1085, after this exceptional installment.

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