Celestial Dragon’s Redemption Story in One Piece

“One Piece’s Remarkable Celestial Dragon Redemption Story”

In the world of One Piece, redemption has always been a recurring theme, even for the most despicable characters. Among them, the Celestial Dragons stand out as the epitome of detestable individuals. However, one Celestial Dragon, Saint Mjosgard, managed to redeem himself to some extent, despite his past as a slave-owner.

To grasp Mjosgard’s transformation, it’s crucial to understand the nature of Celestial Dragons. Descendants of the 19 monarchs who established the World Government, they reside in the holy land of Mary Geoise atop the Red Line. These self-proclaimed infallible gods hold ultimate authority, allowing them to engage in any behavior they desire. They view themselves as superior to all other beings and treat everyone as inferior, even going so far as to own slaves.

At the outset, Mjosgard is no exception to this despicable lineage. As Donquixote Mjosgard, he is related to one of One Piece’s prominent villains, Donquixote Doflamingo. Mjosgard and his father possessed a collection of prized Fish-Men slaves, subjecting them to abhorrent treatment. The situation worsened when Fisher Tiger, an explorer and former slave, led a raid to free all the slaves, particularly targeting the Fish-Men. This act infuriated Mjosgard and his father.

In an attempt to reclaim his lost “property,” Mjosgard ventures to Fish-Man Island. However, his ship is attacked, leaving him as the sole survivor and critically injured. To his surprise, he is rescued by his former slaves, now members of the Sun Pirates. Despite being at their mercy, Mjosgard arrogantly demands they return to him, believing his status as a Celestial Dragon should suffice as a reason.

The intervention of Queen Otohime prevents violence from erupting, and Mjosgard is taken back to the palace for treatment. During this time, Otohime works her magic on Mjosgard, ultimately leading to his transformation. Recognizing the error of his ways, he frees all his slaves and acknowledges the impact of Otohime’s teachings. Mjosgard’s perspective shifts, and he pledges his loyalty and support to the people of Fish-Man Island.

Years later, when Otohime’s family attends the Reverie at Mary Geoise, Mjosgard proves his sincerity by standing up for them. He acknowledges his debt to them and vows to do anything to assist the people of Fish-Man Island. When Princess Shirahoshi is targeted by a fellow Celestial Dragon, Saint Charlos, Mjosgard intervenes, using his position and authority to protect her. He confronts Charlos, orders Shirahoshi’s release, and takes responsibility for any consequences that may arise.

In subsequent events, Charlos persists in his vile behavior and captures Shirahoshi again, prompting Mjosgard to call upon the Straw Hat Fleet for assistance. When Charlos commands Bartholomew Kuma, now a mindless slave, to attack Mjosgard, the Revolutionary Army’s Morley steps in to save him. Sai and Leo, under the Straw Hat Fleet, retaliate against Charlos, resulting in a violent incident labeled as an attempted murder.

Mjosgard aids Sai and Boo in their escape, keeping his promise of taking responsibility. He willingly faces trial and detainment by Mary Geoise’s God’s Knights, the specialized military branch. Throughout this ordeal, Mjosgard remains silent about the identities of those who attacked Charlos.

This intricate tale exemplifies the extraordinary redemption of a Celestial Dragon. However, it also sheds light on the corrupt system within One Piece’s world, exposing the rotten core that perpetuates such heinous behavior.

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