7 Impactful Quotes by Zoro in One Piece

Here’s a list of 7 powerful quotes by Zoro from the anime and manga series One Piece

  1. “I don’t care what the society thinks. They’re nothing anyway. They’re no better than bugs crawling beneath my feet.” – Zoro emphasizes his independent and unwavering nature, displaying his disregard for societal norms and his belief in his own strength.
  2. “There’s only one thing to do when you hit rock bottom, and that’s to fight back!” – Zoro’s determination and resilience shine through in this quote, highlighting his never-give-up attitude even in the face of adversity.
  3. “I do things my own way! So don’t give me any lip about it!” – Zoro’s declaration of his individuality and refusal to conform to others’ expectations reflects his strong sense of self and his commitment to following his own path.
  4. “It’s not enough to just live. You have to have something worth living for.” – Zoro expresses his belief that life should have purpose and meaning, inspiring others to find their own reasons to strive and fight.
  5. “If I can’t even protect my captain’s dream, then whatever ambition I have is nothing but talk!” – Zoro’s loyalty and dedication to his captain, Monkey D. Luffy, are evident in this quote, as he prioritizes the protection of their shared dream over his personal ambitions.
  6. “I don’t plan on dying. That means I’ll surpass you eventually.” – Zoro’s competitive spirit and his unwavering determination to become stronger are encapsulated in this quote, as he sets his sights on surpassing his own limits and those of his adversaries.
  7. “Swordsman’s shame… What is that? I’ve never heard of it!” – Zoro’s refusal to let failures or setbacks define him highlights his unwavering resolve and his refusal to be burdened by shame or regret. He constantly strives to become a stronger and better swordsman.

These quotes showcase Zoro’s strong character, determination, loyalty, and his unwavering pursuit of strength and purpose throughout his journey in One Piece.

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