Why isn’t Luffy using Gear 5 in the Egghead Arc of One Piece?

The “Wano Country Saga” in One Piece delivered a truly shocking moment with Luffy’s devil fruit awakening and the introduction of his Gear 5 form. However, much to the disappointment of fans, Luffy only utilizes this formidable power once during the “Egghead Arc.”

One Piece has meticulously built Luffy’s powers over the span of two decades, transforming him from an ordinary Paramecia user to a mythical Zoan devil fruit wielder. Luffy’s devil fruit, Hito Hito no Mi: Model Nika, possesses legendary properties that the World Government has coveted for over 800 years.

Upon awakening his powers, Luffy was even hailed as Joy Boy by Zunesha. However, in the “Egghead Arc,” Luffy’s usage of Gear 5 is limited to a single instance during his battle with Kaido, and even then, it is only a fleeting display.

Chapter 1044 of One Piece marked the debut of Gear 5, released in March 2022. With fans eagerly awaiting Luffy’s further utilization of this new power, the question arises: Why isn’t Luffy using Gear 5 in the current arc of One Piece?

One of the primary reasons Luffy refrains from employing Gear 5 extensively is the considerable drawbacks associated with it. The usage of Gear 5 demands a significant amount of energy, rapidly depleting Luffy’s stamina. In his brief utilization of this form, Luffy’s exhaustion and fatigue become visible as he appears to age rapidly.

Moreover, Luffy is forcefully forced out of Gear 5 due to energy depletion. While Gear 4 also consumes Haki, the toll it takes on Luffy is incomparable to that of Gear 5. However, Luffy can revert to his normal state by matching his heartbeat with the rhythm of the Drums of Liberation.

Another inherent risk lies in the nature of Zoan awakenings. There exists a high probability that awakening the Zoan devil fruit may strip the user of their personality, reducing them to mindless beasts. This phenomenon is exemplified by the Jailer Beasts of Impel Down, the first awakened creatures depicted in One Piece. They exhibit no signs of complex thought and simply operate on instinct, assuming beast-like forms with human attributes. During his brief awakening, Luffy, too, displays overwhelming joy in the midst of battle, grinning as he fights Kaido.

The series has yet to clarify whether prolonged usage of Gear 5 leads to loss of consciousness. However, observations from Rob Lucci and Kaku’s awakening, as revealed in the Egghead Arc, suggest that not everyone experiences the same side effects. Lucci and Kaku, despite being in their awakened forms, retain full control over themselves. Conversely, Luffy returns to his normal state as soon as he transforms.

In the Egghead Arc, the Straw Hat crew arrives on the island of Dr. Vegapunk after encountering Jewelry Bonney. They cross paths with members of CP0 and Seraphim and engage in battles against them. The initial arc of the Final Saga places a greater emphasis on unraveling the mysteries of the world rather than showcasing typical Shonen fights.

Comparatively, the Straw Hats have grown considerably stronger since their first encounter with CP0. As a result, the Final Saga of One Piece has yet to introduce opponents of such power that Luffy would necessitate the use of Gear 5. Thus far, the adversaries Luffy has faced in the current arc are relatively easy to overcome without resorting to such a drastic measure, with the exception of a solitary opponent. Furthermore, the drawbacks associated with Gear 5 outweigh the benefits it provides. When Luffy initially awakened his devil fruit, it occurred subconsciously while he teetered on the brink of death. His newfound powers allowed him to overwhelm the King of the Beasts. Therefore, if Luffy were to confront more formidable opponents, it is highly likely that he would resort to Gear 5 once again.

One Piece can currently be streamed on Crunchyroll, and fans eagerly anticipate future developments in the series.

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