Top 10 Aces Ranked in Haikyuu!!

The anime Haikyuu!! features a variety of skilled players, including top-performing aces who play a critical role in their teams’ success. Here are the top 10 aces ranked in the series:

  1. Wakatoshi Ushijima – The ace of Shiratorizawa Academy, considered one of the best players in the country with his unstoppable spikes and serves.
  2. Yuji Terushima – The captain and ace of Johzenji High, known for his flashy playing style and ability to keep opponents off-balance.
  3. Kotaro Bokuto – The ace of Fukurodani Academy, a highly emotional player who can switch from being a powerhouse to a finesse player at will.
  4. Kiyoomi Sakusa – The ace of Itachiyama Institute, a meticulous player who studies his opponents’ tendencies and uses them to his advantage.
  5. Asahi Azumane – The former ace of Karasuno High, who lost his confidence but regains it with the support of his teammates.
  6. Takanobu Aone – The ace of Date Tech High, a physically imposing player with powerful spikes and blocks.
  7. Ren Oomimi – The ace of Nekoma High, known for his ability to create new shots and techniques on the fly.
  8. Aran Ojiro – The ace of Inarizaki High, a versatile player who can play all positions and score from anywhere on the court.
  9. Osamu Miya – The ace of Inarizaki High and twin brother of setter Atsumu Miya, known for his deceptive shots and coordination with his brother.
  10. Hisashi Kinoshita – The ace of Karasuno High during Asahi’s absence, a solid player with good technique and teamwork skills.

These top 10 aces have contributed significantly to their teams’ success in the series, and their individual playing styles and personalities make them fan favorites.

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