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Disney officially announces its top 8 films scheduled for release in 2024

Disney has recently updated its 2024 film schedule, unveiling eight of its most significant upcoming releases for the year. Despite some uncertainty and potential delays due to ongoing industry strikes, these 2024 Disney films have been generating considerable attention. The 2024 Disney film lineup promises an exciting array of sequels, prequels, and superhero adventures, but […]

How many Puss in Boots films are there?

Puss in Boots, a character that originated from the Shrek franchise, has undoubtedly evolved into an iconic figure in modern cinema. With a dynamic and engaging persona, Puss in Boots has been the focus of several feature films and other productions, solidifying his place as a beloved and unforgettable character. The Puss in Boots film […]

Could Disney’s Live-Action Lilo and Stitch Go Direct to Streaming After Production Halt?

Filming for Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Lilo & Stitch” is facing delays, and there’s uncertainty surrounding its release format, whether it will hit theaters or go directly to streaming. The movie will revisit the story of the 2002 animated Disney film, and while the delays have impacted the film, the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes […]