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Dragon Ball fans learn that a major villain drew inspiration from house flippers

Dragon Ball fans recently made an intriguing discovery about the inspiration behind one of the series’ major villains. It turns out that Frieza, known as a ruthless galactic tyrant, was actually based on a group of people that Dragon Ball Z creator Akira Toriyama referred to as the “worst kind of people.” These individuals were […]

Did Goku consider killing Supreme Kai to fight Majin Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z?

Goku’s confrontation with Supreme Kai and the subsequent threat he posed with a ki blast is a pivotal moment in Dragon Ball Z. In the Majin Buu arc, Goku agrees to fight Vegeta, who has been possessed by Babidi, after witnessing Vegeta’s brutal massacre of innocent people at the World Martial Arts Tournament. However, before […]

Reddit users find Dragon Ball’s Frieza inspired by real estate speculators

In a fascinating revelation, a fan recently took to Reddit to share an intriguing connection between one of the most notorious antagonists in Dragon Ball, Frieza, and real estate speculators during the Japanese asset price inflation in 1980. This unexpected correlation sparked a flurry of discussions and responses among fans, delving into the depths of […]