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Disney confirms release of its top 9 movies for 2025

Disney’s updated 2025 release calendar showcases an array of highly anticipated films and franchise installments, with standout entries including Fantastic Four, Avatar 3, and a controversial live-action remake. Despite facing challenges such as a lackluster 2023 box office performance and strikes from the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television […]

Research examines Disney films’ adverse effects on kids

A recent study spearheaded by Dr. Lindsay Hahn, an assistant professor of communication at the University at Buffalo, delved into the intricate world of Disney films and their potential effects on children. Drawing from her expertise in media psychology and fascination with the societal impact of various media forms, Hahn and her team embarked on […]

Upcoming Disney Films in the Near Future

Get ready for an exciting lineup of new Disney movies set to hit screens in the coming months and years. Following Disney’s Q1 2024 earnings call, there’s even more to look forward to, including the highly anticipated “Moana 2” slated for a theatrical release this November. Joining the roster are titles like “Inside Out 2” […]

Ranking the Top 15 Highest-Earning Disney Remakes

We bring out some of the most well-known Disney collection, all of which are available at reasonable costs. Visit our link now if you are interested in the Disney collection Eevee Birthday Png | It’s My Birthday Eevee Desgin | Pikachu Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle Shirt | Birthday Shirt | Kids Birthday Shirt | Instant Download The Night Court, […]

Top 8 series and movies to watch on Disney Plus

These captivating series and movies on Disney Plus offer a diverse range of genres, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We bring out some of the most well-known Disney collection, all of which are available at reasonable costs. Visit our link now if you are interested in the Disney collection Halloween Trick R Treat Horror Tumbler Wrap […]

Release Dates for Disney and Pixar Movies: 2024 and Beyond

What Disney films can we anticipate this year? While Disney’s 100th-anniversary celebrations have concluded, both Disney and its affiliated Pixar continue to unveil several films in 2024 and beyond. Although the release calendar for Disney Studios and Pixar Animation Studios is modest this year, owing to production delays caused by strikes from the Writers Guild […]

Apple’s Vision Pro includes 3D Disney movies and the complete Disney+ library

Apple has unveiled an exciting collaboration with Disney, enhancing the immersive entertainment experience for users of the upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset, priced at $3,500. This partnership promises to elevate the world of content streaming by integrating Disney’s extensive library, including 3D movies and the complete Disney+ catalog, into the sophisticated capabilities of the Vision […]

Ireland’s Influence on the Making of an American Icon: Walt Disney

The biography titled ‘An American Original’ delves into Walt Disney’s Irish roots, shedding light on a lesser-known aspect of the iconic figure’s heritage. While the Disney name was once common in Ireland during the 1600s to the 1800s, it’s in Kilkenny that a rich family history emerges, dating back to the early 1600s. The Disney […]

“Wish” Review

Disney’s latest film, “Wish,” is being criticized as one of the most aggressive forms of Disney propaganda in recent years. While all Disney films carry a certain degree of persuasion, works like “The Lion King” and “Encanto” are seen as standalone stories. In contrast, “Wish” seems intricately tied to the history of Disney and the […]

Top 9 Festive Films: Best Christmas Movies on Disney Plus in 2023

Tis the festive season, a time to snuggle up and dive into the enchanting world of Christmas movies on Disney Plus. While Christmas is undeniably magical, some might need a nudge to embrace the holiday spirit, and what better way than with heartwarming films? In today’s vast streaming landscape, choosing the perfect holiday movie can […]