First glimpse: Adam Lambert as ‘Machiavillain’ in new Megamind movie

Entertainment Weekly (EW) has unveiled an exclusive first glimpse into the much-anticipated Megamind prequel, “Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate,” and the subsequent series, “Megamind Rules!” The spotlight falls on none other than the iconic Adam Lambert, who injects his signature glam and rock flair into the vibrant universe of the Megamind franchise.

In this exciting development, Lambert assumes the role of Machiavillain, a character shrouded in mystery and menace. Described as a former mentor to Megamind, Machiavillain embodies all the nefarious aspirations that his pupil once embraced. EW’s sneak peek reveals Lambert’s Machiavillain in resplendent detail, clad in a striking red suit that exudes power and allure.

Not content with just lending his voice to the character, Lambert also contributes his musical talents by performing the theme song for the project. In an exclusive preview shared by EW, Lambert tantalizingly hints at the electrifying spectacle that awaits viewers, promising a presentation reminiscent of an ’80s rock concert. “The key to supervillainy is presentation!” Lambert declares, setting the stage for Machiavillain’s unforgettable debut.

The storyline of “Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate” picks up after the events of the original 2010 film, with Megamind facing off against his former allies, the Doom Syndicate. Their nefarious scheme threatens to propel Metro City to the moon, prompting Megamind to reunite with old comrades Roxanne, Ol’ Chum, and Keiko in a bid to save the day.

Following the thrilling prequel, “Megamind Rules!” launches as a streaming series, delving deeper into the aftermath of Megamind’s showdown with the Doom Syndicate. The series promises to explore new adventures and challenges for Megamind and his friends as they navigate the complexities of life in Metro City.

Aside from Lambert’s standout performance, the sequel boasts an impressive voice cast, including Keith Ferguson, Laura Post, Josh Brener, Maya Aoki Tuttle, Scott Adsit, and Tony Hale, among others. Fans of the original blockbuster will be delighted to know that the voices of Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Tina Fey, and Brad Pitt contributed to the success of the 2010 film, which grossed nearly $322 million worldwide upon its initial release.

Both “Megamind vs. the Doom Syndicate” and the “Megamind Rules!” series are set to premiere on Peacock, via DreamWorks Animation, on March 1st, promising an exhilarating journey into the world of supervillainy and heroism. With Lambert’s electrifying portrayal and the rich storytelling of the Megamind franchise, audiences are in for an unforgettable ride.

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