When did Sasuke begin to recognize Sakura’s worth in the Naruto series?

When did Sasuke finally recognize Sakura’s value in Naruto? Despite ignoring Sakura for a long time, Sasuke eventually acknowledges her importance. Here’s the pivotal moment when Sasuke truly acknowledges Sakura.

Throughout the Naruto series, Sakura Haruno’s love for Sasuke Uchiha remains unwavering, even in the face of his indifference. However, it is only later in the story that Sasuke’s perspective on Sakura begins to shift, leading to surprising developments in their relationship. In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, they become a married couple and have a daughter named Sarada. But when exactly did Sasuke start to acknowledge Sakura in Naruto?

From their early days as members of Team 7 to the intense events of Naruto Shippuden, Sasuke consistently viewed Sakura as a hindrance and remained focused on his personal vendetta. He distanced himself from her and refused to see her as anything more than a burden. This attitude persists throughout the series, gradually changing as the Fourth Great Ninja War nears its end.

During the intense battle against Kaguya, the most formidable enemy they faced, Sakura proved herself not only to Sasuke but also to fans. The heroes struggled against Kaguya’s ability to travel through various realms, and at one point, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke were separated from each other. To reunite, they had to rely on Obito Uchiha’s Kamui, but Sakura stepped forward to support Obito.

Using the chakra she had stored in her Reserve Seal, Sakura fueled Obito’s jutsu, allowing them to find Sasuke. However, Sakura’s chakra was nearly depleted, and the gate connecting the realms was shrinking. With one final burst of chakra, Sakura extended the gate temporarily, enabling Sasuke to transpose with her discarded vest. He caught the exhausted Sakura and acknowledged her contribution to the mission.

Prior to this, Sasuke had taken Sakura for granted, seeing her as a mere acquaintance or annoyance, rarely recognizing her abilities or contributions. This strained their relationship, with Sakura longing for Sasuke’s recognition and affection while he remained distant and focused on his own goals. Even when Sasuke decided to leave Konoha and join Orochimaru, Sakura’s attempts to stop him were unsuccessful.

The situation worsened after Naruto’s timeskip. Sakura’s deep feelings for Sasuke persisted, despite his descent into darkness and his desire to destroy Konoha. She became determined to bring him back and played a significant role in Team 7’s efforts. However, Sasuke continued to show little regard for her emotions or presence, dismissing her efforts and leaving her behind.

Their significant encounter during the fight against Kaguya marked a turning point. Sasuke finally recognized Sakura’s worth and acknowledged her contributions, bringing a new dynamic to their relationship.

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