Pokemon GO compensates players affected by Mewtwo Shadow Raid issues

The Pokemon Company and Niantic have announced that they will be providing compensation to players who experienced issues during the recent Mewtwo Shadow Raid event in Pokemon GO. This event, which took place in May, allowed players to engage in battles with Shadow Mewtwo and earn various rewards upon completing the Shadow Raid.

Raid events are a regular occurrence in Pokemon GO, and in May 2023, Niantic introduced a new type of raid to the game. The Team GO Rocket made a return, challenging players in the very first Shadow Raid featuring the formidable Shadow Mewtwo on May 27. Throughout the final weekend of May, Pokemon GO players fought against Team GO Rocket and successfully defeated Shadow Mewtwo. If lucky, players had the opportunity to capture Shadow Mewtwo using a Poke Ball, and there was even a chance for a Shiny variant to appear during Shadow Raid battles. Additionally, players had the chance to earn Rare Candy XL rewards. However, due to various bugs, some players encountered difficulties in receiving their rewards after completing the Shadow Raid battles.

In response to the issues surrounding the Mewtwo Shadow Raid event, the official Niantic Support Twitter account released a statement addressing the situation. They announced that players would receive compensation in the form of Rare Candy XL. The specific amount of Rare Candy XL would be determined based on the number of Mewtwo Shadow Raids completed by each player. Although the exact metrics for the required number of raids were not disclosed, players could expect to receive 10, 20, or 30 Rare Candy XL by the end of the week, depending on their participation.

Niantic also confirmed that moving forward, Shadow Raids would have the same chances of rewarding Rare Candy XL as normal raids. This step is being taken to ensure that issues related to Rare Candy XL drops will not persist in future Shadow Raid events. Players can look forward to earning their Rare Candy XL rewards as intended during the upcoming Shadow Raid event featuring Shadow Articuno, which is set to begin on June 10.

This response from Niantic is reassuring for Pokemon GO players, particularly those anticipating future Shadow Raid events. Rare Candy XL is considered one of the most valuable items in the game, and players can now expect to have more opportunities to earn this reward by participating in challenging Shadow Raid battles.

Players can stay updated on the Articuno Shadow Raid event and other future events through official channels. As for now, they can look forward to encountering Shadow Articuno in Shadow Raid battles every weekend throughout the month of June 2023.

Pokemon GO is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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