A Pokemon fan receives devastating news after 25 years

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, a dedicated Pokemon fan was met with devastating news as they embarked on a nostalgic journey with their original Game Boy handheld and a copy of Pokemon Blue. After 25 years of treasured memories and countless Pokemon captured, the fan discovered that the save battery within their Pokemon Blue cartridge had finally succumbed to the ravages of time, rendering their cherished collection of Pokemon forever inaccessible.

The original Pokemon games, including the iconic Pokemon Red and Blue, revolutionized the gaming landscape and left an indelible mark on the Game Boy console. These cartridges relied on battery saves, a common feature among Game Boy games of that era. However, as with any battery-powered device, the batteries eventually run out of juice, leaving players unable to save their progress unless the battery is replaced.

This unfortunate fate befell Reddit user totallylegitnesss and their copy of Pokemon Blue. The once-thriving battery within their cartridge finally gave out, robbing them of their formidable Blastoise, affectionately nicknamed Mizukame, along with a host of other treasured Pokemon companions. While the fan attempted to salvage their experience by replacing the battery and starting anew, the original Pokemon Blue save file was irretrievably lost, leaving behind only a bittersweet memory of the Pokemon adventure that once was.

This disheartening discovery is not an isolated incident but rather a stark reminder of the challenges faced by long-time Pokemon enthusiasts who delve into their old cartridges seeking a nostalgic escape. It underscores the need for a solution that ensures the preservation and accessibility of these beloved classic games.

This predicament has prompted many fervent Pokemon fans to advocate for the release of the franchise’s original games on modern hardware. Although Nintendo did re-release some classic Pokemon titles on the Nintendo 3DS, the closure of the 3DS eShop has left fans longing for a more permanent solution. Presently, none of the original Pokemon Game Boy games are available to play on the Nintendo Switch, despite the fact that the Switch Online subscription service features a dedicated section for handheld games.

The introduction of the original Pokemon games on the Nintendo Switch would not only offer a convenient avenue for fans to relive their childhood memories without the anxiety of save battery failure but also unlock exciting possibilities. It could potentially facilitate the transfer of Pokemon from the original games to the popular Pokemon Home platform, creating a bridge between generations of Pokemon adventures. Additionally, compatibility with Pokemon Stadium, a classic Nintendo 64 release, would allow fans to experience the thrill of battling with their cherished Game Boy Pokemon on the big screen once again.

As time unfolds, only the future holds the answer to whether the classic Pokemon games will find their way onto the Nintendo Switch Online platform. In the interim, Pokemon enthusiasts are encouraged to embark on a personal quest to ascertain the current state of their original Pokemon game saves, ensuring the preservation of their treasured virtual companions and fond memories.

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