Is Asta’s father the Wizard King in Black Clover?

There is a popular theory among Black Clover fans that suggests Asta’s father is Julius Novachrono, but how likely is this?

As the Black Clover series enters its final major arc, filled with intense battles, the introduction of gods, and the resurrection of the dead, many mysteries are being unraveled. However, one question that remains unanswered is the identity of Asta’s father. According to the fan theory, this ongoing arc may unveil a major twist by revealing the Wizard King himself as Asta’s father.

The theory revolves around the fact that Julius is the most plausible candidate to be Asta’s father. Asta’s mother, Licita, possessed a unique ability that drained magic and life force from those around her. This condition forced her to live in isolation, with limited contact with others. The only being she could be around was Liebe, who possesses Anti-Magic instead of traditional magic. Licita eventually adopted Liebe and empowered her own son, Asta.

Considering Licita’s condition, it’s difficult to imagine how she could have conceived Asta or given birth to him. Licita was so fearful of potentially harming Asta that she left him at the church in Hage Village to ensure his safety. Licita’s body shares similarities with Anti-Magic, which neutralizes most forms of magic except for the strongest. This is where Julius comes into the theory. Licita could only have conceived Asta if she had slept with someone who possessed abundant magic and life force, both of which Julius possesses.

There was a moment when Julius asked Asta if he could hold his second sword. Despite being unable to wield it and having his magic drained due to his immense magical energy reserves, Julius appeared unaffected. He also seemed to have knowledge about Asta’s unique situation, although the details were not elaborated upon. This could be seen as a clue hinting at Julius’s potential involvement in Asta’s conception. Furthermore, as a being housing two separate souls within one body, Julius’s life force is likely stronger than others’, increasing the likelihood of his survival despite Licita’s condition.

However, there are certain aspects of the theory that become unclear. Manga readers know that Julius Novachrono is the final and eldest sibling of the Zogratis family, coexisting with Lucius Zogratis within the same body. Lucius possessed Soul Magic and a separate soul, which was Julius. After becoming the host for the Time Devil Astaroth, they traveled to the Clover Kingdom, where Lucius seemingly granted control of their body to Julius. Julius managed to integrate himself into a noble family, become a Magic Knight Captain, and ultimately become the Wizard King, all while unwittingly using devil’s magic instead of his own.

While the theory regarding Julius’s ability to conceive with Licita holds some plausibility, the idea that Julius “made” Asta as a weapon against Lucius seems unlikely. It appears that Lucius is the dominant soul within their shared body, with Julius only becoming aware of Lucius’s presence when he took over. Julius seemingly lacked access to their Soul Magic, as Lucius kept it for himself and only granted Julius Time Magic.

Another theory proposes that Asta’s father may have been Astaroth, the devil who took control of Lucius and Julius’s body. Contracts with devils are not always consensual, so it’s possible that Astaroth found a way to temporarily seize control in order to create a weapon to protect itself from Lucius.

As with all fan theories, it’s important not to place too much confidence in them. However, with Asta’s rematch with Lucius potentially approaching, if the theory is correct, fans may soon discover the truth.

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