Could King Piccolo return in Dragon Ball Super alongside other revived villains?

Could King Piccolo, the last major villain from Dragon Ball’s original run, make a comeback in Dragon Ball Super? As the series has already brought back many iconic villains, such as Frieza and the Red Ribbon Army, fans wonder if the Demon King will also return.

In the original Dragon Ball, King Piccolo wreaked havoc, but was ultimately defeated by Goku. His son, Piccolo Jr., emerged from an egg before his father’s demise and went on to become a prominent character in the series. The question arises whether King Piccolo and Piccolo Jr. are separate entities or if they share a connection. While Piccolo Jr. inherited his father’s memories, he has a distinct design, voice, and personality. The characters themselves have differing views on their relationship. However, the possibility remains that Dragon Ball Super could treat them as distinct characters, should King Piccolo make a return.

Considering the recent focus on Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super Hero, where he takes the lead role and gains a power boost, it would be a natural progression for King Piccolo to be resurrected. This would provide an opportunity for Piccolo Jr. to confront his legacy as the heir to the Demon Clan and face the sins of his father. Additionally, Piccolo’s fusion with Kami presents a chance for both sides of his character to address their past mistakes.

King Piccolo’s revival would delve into the lore of the Demon Clan and shed light on the history of Namek. While some may doubt King Piccolo’s ability to pose a threat to Super’s powerful characters, the series has previously transformed former villains to match the heroes’ strength. King Piccolo could receive a demonic new form or an equivalent power-up to challenge the current generation of fighters.

As for the means of King Piccolo’s return, his loyal minion Piano could play a role. While Piano was injured during Goku’s battle with King Piccolo, his fate was left open-ended, leaving room for him to potentially revive his master and aid him in his quest for conquest.

While Dragon Ball Super has faced criticism for relying too heavily on past villains, it has also offered opportunities to reexamine and deepen their stories. The return of King Piccolo could provide fresh storytelling possibilities, testing the characters in new ways without relying solely on nostalgia. Ultimately, whether Dragon Ball Super chooses to bring back the Demon King or explore new ideas, there is still potential for exciting adventures in the world of Dragon Ball.

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