Haikyuu!! Mobile Game Launches on February 28, Bringing the Dream to Your Fingertips

G-Holdings and Dayamonz have announced that the highly anticipated Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream mobile game will be launched on February 28, 2023. Based on the popular Haikyuu!! anime and manga series by Haruichi Furudate, the game features a captivating story mode that allows players to relive the thrilling moments of the TV anime series and take part in exhilarating volleyball tournaments.

Fans of the Haikyuu!! anime can now experience the excitement of the series through their smartphones with just a touch. The game includes beloved characters from the series, providing an immersive and enjoyable experience for players. With its focus on volleyball, players can form their own teams and pursue their dreams with strategic gameplay.

Pre-registration for Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream began in November 2022, and the game has already gained popularity in Korea and Japan. The Haikyuu!! manga series, which started in 2011 and concluded in July 2020, was successfully adapted into an anime series that garnered a devoted fan base.

Fans can watch the official game trailer to get a glimpse of the thrilling gameplay. Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream will be available for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store starting from February 28th.

Overall, fans of the Haikyuu!! anime and manga series are eagerly anticipating the release of Haikyuu!! Touch the Dream mobile game. As the launch date approaches, fans are excited to immerse themselves in the game and become part of the action-packed world of Haikyuu!!.

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