Theory: Gold Roger’s egg is on Laugh Tale

The enigmatic presence of an enormous egg aboard the legendary pirate ship, the Oro Jackson, has sparked numerous theories and speculations among One Piece fans. This egg, adorned with distinctive polka dots, accompanied Gold Roger and his crew throughout their epic journey across the vast expanse of the One Piece world. Though the fate of both the Oro Jackson and the enigmatic egg remains shrouded in mystery following the disbandment of the Roger Pirates, there is a tantalizing possibility that this peculiar artifact was left behind on the fabled final island of the New World, known as Laugh Tale.

Gold Roger, on the verge of his execution, proclaimed that he had amassed all his spoils in a single location. This grand collection would undoubtedly include the legendary treasure, One Piece, as well as the countless other treasures and valuables the Pirate King acquired during his illustrious life. It stands to reason that the enigmatic egg, last seen more than two decades ago before Roger’s untimely demise, would be among these cherished possessions. Time has likely passed since then, and it is plausible to imagine that whatever lies within the confines of that egg has long since emerged, breaking free from its shell and maturing into an extraordinary creature.

Speculation among fans has centered on the notion that the egg contains a dragon—a mythical creature revered across various cultures and folklore. While dragons may be considered creatures of myth in the present era of the One Piece world, it is conceivable that the intrepid Roger Pirates, renowned for their unyielding pursuit of knowledge and exploration of the New World’s secrets, would have encountered such a creature. As for the potential connection between dragons and the enigmatic Ancient Weapons, if any, it remains a topic of conjecture and intrigue.

Notably, it is unlikely that Roger’s egg is directly linked to the fabled One Piece itself. When Roger’s crew arrived at the unnamed island that would later be known as Laugh Tale, they discovered the nature of Joy Boy’s legacy, whereas the egg had already been in their possession aboard the Oro Jackson. It seems that Roger may have realized that they had arrived prematurely, suggesting that hatching the egg was a separate matter, and he did not count on its involvement in unraveling the mystery of One Piece.

Nevertheless, if the egg did indeed hatch into a dragon, it would align with the mythical archetype of these majestic creatures guarding hoards of treasure. Even if the dragon is not consciously safeguarding One Piece, it could potentially serve as a protector of the remaining treasures left behind by Roger on Laugh Tale.

When the Straw Hat Pirates eventually set foot on Laugh Tale, if the egg is indeed present, it is plausible that the local inhabitants of the island would be familiar with its significance. The Straw Hats may find themselves entangled in a skirmish with these inhabitants, but the true threat to the egg’s safety would likely stem from the main antagonists of the arc. It would be the responsibility of the Straw Hat Pirates to thwart these villains and, in doing so, forge a bond with the enigmatic creature within the egg. Such a subplot could offer emotional depth and potentially shed further light on the overarching narrative of One Piece.

Whenever the egg resurfaces in the story, it is certain to wield substantial influence. Whether the Straw Hat Pirates stumble upon fragments of eggshell adorning the Oro Jackson, moored just outside Laugh Tale, or discover the intact egg in a different location altogether, its significance will undoubtedly be pivotal in their search for the remnants of Roger’s legacy. As the Straw Hats inch closer to the elusive final island, the enigmatic egg will undoubtedly assume even greater importance, serving as a harbinger of revelation and an emblematic symbol of their journey’s climax.

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