Dragon Ball hints at their plans for Goku Day in 2023

The Dragon Ball franchise is known for its powerful characters and epic battles, with none more famous than the Saiyan warrior Goku. This year, the franchise is once again gearing up to celebrate Goku Day, a special holiday recognized by fans around the world. And while the manga adaptation of the recent Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie may be taking a break from featuring Goku, fans are still excited to see what the future holds for the legendary fighter.

Goku Day, celebrated on May 9th, is a special occasion for Dragon Ball fans. In Japan, the number 5 can be read as “Go,” and the number 9 can be read as “Ku” in Japanese kanji. This clever wordplay led fans to dub May 9th Goku Day, and it was later recognized as an official anniversary certified and registered by the Japanese Anniversary Association. To mark the occasion, the Dragon Ball franchise has announced a special poll where fans can vote for their favorite Goku quotes from across the entire series. There are 59 quotes in total eligible for the fans’ votes, and the winner and top quote will be turned into a special piece of merchandise.

While fans are undoubtedly excited to celebrate Goku Day and vote for their favorite quotes, many are still hoping for a major update on the anime’s return. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero released last year as the first new anime launch for the franchise in four long years, but fans are still eagerly waiting for news of a proper return of the TV anime series. Unfortunately, no such announcement has been made yet, but that hasn’t stopped fans from dreaming about the many epic battles Goku has gotten into over the course of the manga’s original arcs.

As the manga adaptation of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero continues, fans can look forward to seeing more of the franchise’s colorful cast of characters in action. And while Goku may be absent from the pages for a while, his legacy lives on through the many fans who celebrate his strength, courage, and indomitable spirit on Goku Day and every day.

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