“You either have to be visually impaired or dumb”: Juan Pablo Montoya once openly embarrassed Michael Schumacher at a public interview

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Michael Schumacher is a faithful figure in F1. At the turn of this thousand years, he had proactively solidified himself as the legend of the game. By 2004, he was the seven-time title holder, crushing each record. A main explanation for this achievement was Schumacher’s incredibly serious nature. He even gambled with collides to come out on top in the races, and his adversaries frequently got down on him.

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His most memorable title win was dubious as he transported Damon Slope’s vehicle during the last race of the 1994 season, which was a title-choosing race. The accident constrained the two drivers to resign from the race, and the German brought home the title by a.

after 10 years, to Schumacher’s most memorable title win, the Ferrari whiz was competing against Williams driver Juan Pablo Montoya. Schumacher hazardously pushed Montoya out of the last option’s hustling line to get an overwhelm. The move might have been dangerous, as Montoya might have let completely go and might have crashed someplace. However, the Colombian, after a couple of shakes, got himself stable. Schumacher shielded himself by saying that he didn’t see him. In any case, it shook Montoya, provoking him to call the seven-time best on the planet idiotic before the entire media while the Ferrari genius was sitting right close to him.

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