Mario Andretti affirms: ‘Will be driving McLaren at COTA’

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Without a doubt, he will end up being the most established driver ever to contend in a (cutting edge) Equation 1 vehicle during a Stupendous Prix weekend: this approaching end of the week, Mario Andretti (82) will truly do some demo runs at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in the 2013 McLaren, he solely affirmed in discussion with GP blog. The best, American driver in history will drive a similar vehicle he drove a couple of laps in at Laguna Seca last Sunday.

The weekend in Austin is to a great extent overwhelmed by Andretti. For example, the circuit is naming the last corner after the motorsport symbol, who was quick to drive a lap on the then-recently developed COTA in 2012. The function is Thursday, however, fans will likewise see Andretti on the track thanks to demo runs.

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